Keisuke Tanigawa wins Saga no run Contest!

Keisuke Tanigawa won the Saga-no-run contest took place yesterday in Saga pref. Japan. Congrats Keisuke! Peep the edit above, awesome vibes in Saga!

Saganishiki (pro) class
1st Keisuke Tanigawa
2nd Yuji “ROBO” Ishii
3rd Seiichi Fujii

Blackmontblanc (middle) class
1st Naoppe
2nd Kanzaki
3rd Gajirou

Marubouro (novice) class
1st Kouta Fukuhara
2nd Yuki Shinkawa
3rd Yuta Tsuruta


2 thoughts on “Keisuke Tanigawa wins Saga no run Contest!

  1. I love this video. Great way to mix old and new tricks together. Good to see the foot on the tire and scuffing. Seems like taking off the brakes and pumping is done because people think it limits them. It doesn’t. Learning to scuff or do brake tricks is a technique just like riding without them. Seeing this mix of techniques in one contest made the riding seem fresh and exciting to me as a rider and I’m sure the average person who doesn’t know flat.

    The guys on the white bike and yellow bike were dope as hell but they based their runs on about 5 tricks and one or two styles. After 10 minutes, it all blurs together. Seeing the tailwhips, smith decades and other brake tricks added to the variety of the riding and made it more interesting.

    Incorporating older moves/styles/techniques to modern flat will only make the rider better. Don’t dismiss the 30 years of riding that got us where we are today. Good tricks are good tricks.

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