9 thoughts on “Kevin Nikulski – Day 7

  1. Thank God every time you’re healthy and strong enough to ride your bike. Enjoy every session…both the pulled tricks and the stumbles. Feel the grips, hear the tires spinning or the music playing in your ears, breathe deeply and enjoy the ride. Keep riding young fellow. Every combo was my favourite.

  2. I respect Kevin a lot. He might be inspired by Matthias, But who isnt in a way? I am sure Kevin will bust out in the future with this japanese style. We need to support new generations and push them to try harder!

  3. Ive only been riding a few years, dont know all of the old school names etc … try to research and watch “ol school” sundays etc, which I really appreciate FM doing … But just kinda of curious Viki … you’ve been riding a long time and have such an original style, but way back when, and even now, if you dont mind sharing … who were your big influences when you first started riding ?

  4. Why Matthias…
    Many Riders bevor Matthias make this style of Tricks, too

    kevin is the shit and loves him for flatland everything … is for you flatland everything?

    +++++The best copy is a copy of a copy of!!! Bushido

    Rido hard my Friends…and love the shit…

  5. Kevin is pure machine…just remember his run at Worlds this year ! He juste need more variations in his combo ( maybe some halfpackers…) and will definitly kill it !

    I enjoyed all his combos ! Big motivation !

  6. Shaun! It’s safe to presume that if you researched McCoy, Aparijo, RL Osborne, and Woody Itson you have a good handle on the past leaders of flatland.The list can be, arguably, astronomically larger and include many of the experts at the time like Chris Day, Scotty Freeman, etc. No list would be complete, however, without the four previously mentioned riders.

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