KTGM Flatland Jam 2015

Don’t sleep on this amazing edit by Olivér Kállai from this years KTGM Flatland jam that took place in Budapest, Hungary on September 12-13th. Great mix of riding styles featuring Tamas Varga, David Szabo, Pal Gyenes, Gabor Nagy (check the control on the multiple whiplashes at 2:52), Gabor Pasztor, Akos Bordas, Denes Katona (section from 4:00, look out for ET forward pedal truck around the 4:29 mark!), Jan Schmidt, Andras Domany (section from 7:00), Marton Szilaygi drops a couple of lines from the 9:34 mark, David Mezei, Rob Alton, Istvan Dibusz, Norbert Schmelhaus, Balazs Csaszar, and Mihaly Hajnacs. Hungary has for as long as I can remember had one of the best riding scenes in the world, and doesn’t disappoint here!

4 thoughts on “KTGM Flatland Jam 2015

  1. I understand the video is blocked in Germany due to audio copyright. Now you have the following options to see the video:


    Download by clicking the Download button on vimeo:

    Vimeo HD version on dropbox (468mb):
    Full HD 50p on dropbox (2.86gb): https://www.dropbox.com/s/umfszckay3updwa/KTGM%20JAM%202015%20FullHD%2050p.mp4?dl=0

    Have fun and apologies for the inconvenience.

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