Last times with Stephan Cerra

I’ve kinda missed doing these “Last times” during the past few months so now the winter is drawing in, back on it! First up is Stephan Cerra, flowmountain style!

Last time you competed before the DK Contest?
A little over 2 yrs before, Kingston Canada contest, Macneil event. I need to get to more, so fun.

Last time you lit up?
Ya know me lol.

Last time you rode your indoor spot?
Yesterday, normal 4-5 hr sesh.

Last time you rode in Redondo beach?
May 2007.

Last time you got a puncture?
Can’t remember.

Last time you threw your bike?
About 2 years ago filming, I rarely throw my bike. Probably only get mad like that when filmin. Mellowstyles.

Last time you checked flatmatters?

Last trick you learnt?
Karl Kruzer to double boomerang jump through (no touch),so i guess it goes with next question too.

Last trick you invented?
Pedal steamroller to boomerang (kinda540) to pedal tomahawk.

Last time someone came to ride your indoor spot?
3 wks ago Dave Debuono came through, he’s ridin dope, comin outta NY.

Last bikepart your brought?
Nankai freecoaster.

Last time you did a double decade?
Wow, long time ,maybe 99′, last time i had back brakes.

Last time you rode in the rain?
I never ride in the rain, if its rainin and i dont ride, might have some brewhaas.

Last flatland dvd you watched?
Gangi bootleg vid.

Last movie you watched?
Couples Retreat

Last online edit you downloaded?
Pete Brandt tearing it at the clocktower.

Last time you were drunk?
Tomorrow, Ridin, NFL games, (partytime) lol.

Last time you rode with Chad J?
May 07′ LA shows and then i gotz hit by a car. sucked.

Last time you filmed a combo?
DK contest.3 wks ago

Last time you worked out?
This mornin 420 pushups,military style.

Last time you got injured?
Hurt my lower back not to long ago.

Last time you went to York, PA?
June 26th ,York Jam

Last time you did over ten whiplashes?

Last time you rode with Chris Day?
Jan 09′.

Last music track you listened to:
Brick by brick, Train.

Last holiday you had:
We have have a killer party here at FLOWMOUNTAIN on July 4th. Family and friends.

Last time flown overseas:
2004 Germany, circle of balance.

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