6 thoughts on “Lea Dobrowski "ten months in" edit

  1. So next is pedal squeaker tailwhip back to pedal squeaker lea, nice edit! Posted on your favourite day!
    Keep the motivation live! cant believe you ride in a shop! Pretty awesome…

  2. Yeah I ride in the shop sometimes lol.. it's really fun! and I'll always be motivated don't worry! u help me with that remember that! Thanks Effraim and thanks for posting it on old school SUNDAY

  3. Keep riding in shops lea lol so awesome! Its raining ah lets go ride the shop, wait…how many people can do that???

  4. hahah I rode in the rain and was so drenched I had to get inside bc my contacts were flooding out of my eyes lol… and not too many people can say that ur right effraim

  5. Great work, especially in such a short amount of time.

    A dance studio and a shop, those are some choice places! All I get is an interlock area behind a hardware store.

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