Mario García – Flat Vol.1

For many years it seemed like Viki Gomez was the only rider coming through the ranks over in Spain. Now in 2017, Alberto Moya and his crew over in Madrid having something good going on with riders coming through, Mario García just dropped his Flat Vol 1 edit and this a is a good watch!

3 thoughts on “Mario García – Flat Vol.1

  1. Mario Rides Hard and kills it always!!!

    Yeah that whole crew is awesome! Guelo, Miguel Tardio, Moya those three being the trinity of tech, style, and originality, then Alvaro Fernandez and Varo and Mario. Looks like Iñigo is taking up the torch in the north. Excited about the now in Spanish flatland but also excited about the future! Mario is the man! Still love that final run from Cologne worlds in expert class… Epic saves always..

  2. Dammnnnn, he Kills it ! Really nice progression Mario !
    What a scene they have in Madrid, excellent riders and really good people.

    Can’t wait to ride with you in Toulouse Bro ! A andar Mucho !

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