Mark Harris – 2018

Bmx flatland Mark Harris 2018 from mharris on Vimeo.

I recall meeting Mark Harris at the Philadelphia X Games many years ago, so today I was stoked to come across some fresh riding from him, Hitchhikers shooting a basketball onto the hoop with Graveyard bars no less (something you don’t see much of anymore). Enjoyed this one!

7 thoughts on “Mark Harris – 2018

  1. I like this edit, it’s nice. And when he threw the basketball into the basketballball hoop, it reminded of Kevin Jones throwing the stereo also through a hoop in the Dorkin vid.

  2. Damn this is so good

    Especially like 1:30~ and his making use of the space – moving up and back to where he started. The backwards manual with a swirly tie-dyed shirt was a nice touch

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