Martti Kuoppa wins Level Vibes 2015!

Photos: Effraim, Ian Fleming.


Level Vibes went off yesterday in Crayford, Kent! Congratulations to Martti Kuoppa taking the title in a new format that mixed two rounds, video banger round and contest run. Martti was followed on the podium by Michelle Maiolini who dropped a few worlds firsts in the video round and a solid run, and Keelan Phillips nailed a 1080 nose manual plus a whole lot more to lock in the third place podium spot.


In the expert class, Junglerider’s Navid Saleki took a well deserved win and the bump up to Pro and took home a Autum Lash frame courtesy Autum/Deep BMX/Bloody Shins, followed by Jussi L and Lee Wilson in the third place.


The old school class was a lot of fun, and so good to see Rob Alton back in the mix after 15-20 years out of the UK contest scene. The man with the shiniest bike in the building took home the first place spot, followed on the podium by Julian JJ Morton and Mr Level Vibes himself, James White in third place.


Darren Claggett took the win in the beginner class, followed by Simon Coulson, and Dini Kennedy, congratulations to everyone who rode yesterday at Level Vibes. Great to see so much energy back in the UK flatland scene, full results below. Thanks to all the sponsors, S&M, Autum, Flatland Fuel, One Wheel Motion, Heresy, Old School BMX Life for their support, and of course James White for bringing back this legendary event. Look out for a full repo over the next few weeks.


1-Martti Kuoppa
2-Michelle Maiolini
3-Keelan Phillips
4-Gonzalo Bellanti
5-Alex Jumelin
6-Matti Hemmings
7-Navid Saleki
8-Steve Green
9-Andy Hale
10-Jason Forde
11-Denes Katona
12-Rob Alton
13-Amos Burke


1-Navid Saleki
2-Jussi Laukkanen
3-Lee Wilson
4-Gregory Tsiapalis
5-Yinka Thomas
6-Johann Chan
8-TGM Maz
9-Andy Wood
10-Mike P
11-Howard Avery
12-Stuart McLaren
13-Oliver Griffin

Old School.

1-Rob Alton
2-Julian JJ Morton
3-James White
4-TGM Maz
5-Jason Forde
6-Stuart McLaren
7-Chris Job
8-Johann Chan
9-Amos Burke
10-Navid Saleki
11-Neil Waddington
12-Dini Kennedy
13-Morgan Gleave


1-Darren Claggett
2-Simon Coulson
3-Dini Kennedy

11 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa wins Level Vibes 2015!

  1. Big shout out to James White for organising this one, along with your help on day as well Effraim another good team effort. The floor was amazing meeting old and new faces along with awesome vibes can’t beat it. Look forward to the next event.

  2. a rad day. great catching up with old friends and new, rad riding in all the catergories. look forward to the next one. hopefully i’ll be able to ride by then.

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