Masashi Itani & Sunny Singh – two life goals, one clip

Masashi Itani & Sunny Singh met up for a session in Japan, and Sunny was able to chalk off two life goals in one day. Read his description and watch the video, the back wheel line from Masashi is off the chart!

“Two. Today I knocked out two life goals ever since I made my first BMX video back in 2000: 1) Ride with and film a Japanese pro rider at a famous spot in Japan and 2) Pull a trick of my own in Japan. Spent a few hours today riding with 2nd generation pro rider Masashi Itani and 13 year old Sakura Kawaguchi, who is just getting into flatland. In a scene dominated by men it was really great seeing her work on new tricks. She is part of the emerging 3rd generation of Japanese riders who are pushing the boundaries in terms of originality and technicality.

It took Masashi several tries to land this combo. The difficulty was the final cross footed pivot before scuffing the ride out. We had a radio playing and for good luck he switched the song to the KRS-One track that I used in the video I produced for him earlier this year from our session in Hawaii. Sometimes the right tune puts you in the headspace you need to be in.”

2 thoughts on “Masashi Itani & Sunny Singh – two life goals, one clip

  1. Super SLAAAAAAAMMMED lines from both of you cats ! Ive always followed your riding and edits , Sunny . Youre the rider that has a YouTube channel with loads of hardcore , punk bands ,during their live sets , and loads of flatland edits , like York jams , etc , etc , right ?? You put out great work , bruv . As far as Masashi ……….Hell , man ……After seeing his riding in person @ the flatland Voodoo Jam 2015 , live , well……I got hooked on his rad rolling , body / bike varial , pivot ,direction change links even more than I already had been , seeing him on the net prior . This was a perfect edit to wake up to today ! Glad you got those goals checked off , and ummmmm……..If youre into some Death , Sludge , Slam , Funeral , or Doom metal , Sunny ……..It would rule if you got some live sets of that too , hahaha . I listen to everything , man .

    • Hey Rodney, that’s me! Thanks so much for the kind words. Starting to get more doom/death/sludge on the site, actually! If you’re subscribed you’ll hopefully start seeing them soon. Keep on riding!

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