Matt Wilhelm wins Fight with Flight!!

Beginner results just came in on twitter, congrats to all who competed!!!
Terry Adams did nice update on the contest also..

12 thoughts on “Matt Wilhelm wins Fight with Flight!!

  1. By the way these results as they happen, are being brought by the Am flat circuit crew and Ride BMX, big respect for covering this event as it happens, seems to be rocking in indy!!!

    Fight With Flight pro battle number four… Dominik Nekolny beat Jesse Puente. Up next: Shintaro vs Moto and Wilhelm vs Nekolny …

  2. I dont quite understand how Moto was ninth and battled Matthias first round, i guess maybe a tie, only thing i can think, says tops 8 through to the final…

    Fighgt with Flight semifinal battle one: Shintaro Misawa beat Moto S. Jesse Puente off to hospital with busted chin.

  3. Fight With Flight semifinal number two: Matt Wilhelm beat Dominik Nekolny. Wilhelm and Misawa in final battle! Who will take the win?

  4. It's been long over due for Matt to take the win. That guy's riding is OFF THE HOOK! Congrats to him…and I understand it's Hoffman Bikes birthday, so he brought them home a nice gift.

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