Matthias Dandois wins 2019 Voodoo Jam

Congratulations to Matthias Dandois who dominated the 2019 Voodoo Jam, taking the contest win in a epic final four rider battle, winning best trick contest and killing the livestream to boot. Matthias was followed on the podium by Jean William Prevost and Alex Jumelin.

In the expert class, Rennace Tomko took the win with a flawless run followed by Nathan Jumelin and Ramon Colon. Congratulations everyone! Full results below. The livestream on Saturday night was epic, big up Scott O’Brien, Terry Adams, Hector Garcia, Bobby Carter, Ruben Castillo and everyone else making this happen. If you missed the action head over to the Voodoo Jam FB page and tune in!

5 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois wins 2019 Voodoo Jam

  1. Flatland Voodoo Jam gets better / more fun every year ! The level of riding from EVERYONE , the pre jam sesh spot , the contest itself , chilling @ Lucys , and hotel lobby during breakfast ,dinner , even riding warm ups between heats , pushing / encouraging one another ……. every second youre there just rules -times 7 !! Finals and the 4 man battle were SUPER slaaaaammmmmed with so much energy , which fueled every rider to lay the hammers down on their bikes !! So glad I went to N.O.L.A. for the third time . Thanks again Scott , Terry , Hector , Bobby , Erik , Cicman , Patrick , Mickey , Cranmer , Stoney , and every single person across the board that made this happen again in 2019 !! Looking forward to another round…………also………Scott , thanks for taking the time and sharing the 27 UNSEEN original , technical , stylish , switch brake and brakeless combos that you’ve filmed / kept in the video vault……..THAT was an insane start to such a great weekend of bmx flatland at its finest and most progressive ! Still bugging out over ALL those combos you’ve got on the cool , Scott . Frenchy was so correct ……..your riding is crazy original and ALWAYS has been for years !!

  2. Completely stacked contest! Love seeing the full results and all of the folks who turned out for the jam. Really good seeing all of the international folks come out and support Voodoo like always, and my La Bastille frame is vibing off of Dandois taking the win, dude is the contest GOAT. Big respect for everyone who participated and organized Voodoo for keeping flat alive and well; always refreshes my flatland spirit seeing the community so tight after all these years of ups and downs for our little corner of bmx. =)

  3. Matthias is a MONSTER on da bike !! He SLLLLLAAAAMMMMED @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam ……AGAIN this year ! Showed up to the pre -jam with some UNREAL / NEW tricks that were totally insane and crazy technical , some REEEEEEEAAALL hammers to drop for in the coming months ! Then ………he goes and takes his NEW moves he learned right before the F.I.S.E. series , and………….FREESTYLES them in the heat of the 4 man battle , totally on the fly , into some long ass combos , just flowing the links with SO much killer style and graceful aggression ………SMILING throughout each link , front AND back wheel ! Cool guy as well . Stoked on his riding / progression for this whole year ! One of the most dope riders in the game , times 7 !!! Congrats !

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