Matthias Dandois wins Voodoo Jam 2015!

Photo: John Yull.

Voodoo Jam 2015 is a wrap! Congratulations to Matthias Dandois taking the win at Round 3 of the World Circuit in New Orleans USA, followed on the podium by Yohei Uchino and Dez Maarsen! The livestream was awesome, great job Bobby Carter, Scott O’Brien and all the Voodoo jam crew!

1-Matthias Dandois
2-Yohei Uchino
3-Dez Maarsen

Takahiro Ikeda
Viki Gomez
Nauto Tamaru
Jason Plourde
Williams Perez
Will Redd
Hiroki Uchiyama
Tyler Gilliard

Best trick: Toon – Backwards boomerang to crackpacker line.

Rider award: Ahmed Johnston.

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