Matti Hemmings: Limit Fabrications Custom Frame Build

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photographs: Matti Hemmings.



I caught up with Matti Hemmings who recently decided to get his own frame made here in the UK. We talk about why he made the custom frame choice, the specs of his design ( check all the photos from start to finish), how long it took to get his new frame and a whole lot more, read on!

Matti you just made the choice to get your own frame with Limit Fabrications here in the UK, tell me firstly why did you choose this route over just buying a new frame, what could you not find on any other frame that features on yours?
I chose this route instead of buying a new frame due to issues in the past with other frame designs having extra bits that weren’t needed sometimes these would be over kill. I wanted something simple and clean and little bit longer than your standard frame.


What are the specs of your new frame?
4130 crmo.
Top Tube 19.7
Head tube angle 75.5
Seat tube angle 69
BB height 11.8
stand over height 7.5
Spanish Bottom Bracket
3/8 heated drop outs
CNC Dropouts 10mm with no built in chain tensioner
weight: 3.9

Check out some more detailed photos of Matti’s frame:




How did you find out about Limit Fabrications?
I found out about Limit Fabrications after a session with my very good friend Matt Dyer after speaking about few issues with my last frame he mentioned Patrick from Limit Fabrications. So I decided to take a look at his website, gave him a message and then the project began after that here it is.

How long did it take to get the frame from drawing stage to out in the car park riding the frame?
Patrick from Limited Fabrications took around 5 weeks this included getting it sprayed within that time.


What is your favourite feature of your frame?
I don’t have a favourite feature. But it’s just plan and simple which I like. All the tubes are clean and have no brake lugs.

How much did it cost?
The cost for this frame was £400, as it’s simple design.


Can you be more specific what problems you have had with previous frames, and how does this frame solve those problems?
Problems with past frames have been to small, not enough space to move around. Over kill with gussets. I Prefer a simple set up.

How’s the new frame riding? Obviously you designed but are you happy how it turned out?
The frame is riding good at the moment just need to get use to it. Few hours more needed and it should be fine. I’m very happy about the frame and how its turned out. Making my own frame was something very new for me and area I have never been in and due to Patricks help with few issues that I had on my mind managed to get the job done.

Any final words for anyone that maybe is the same boat Matti, and looking for their own personal ride?
If your having trouble picking a frame on the market. Look back at the frames you have rode really well in the past and work out a frame design that would suit you and your style.

Further details on custom builds:

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