Mike S. Atmosfair Trailer

Mike S. Atmosfair Trailer from Michael Steingraeber on Vimeo.

Be on the lookout for a full web video soon with Mike S. Tight trailer here, nice graphics and the sunset shots are awesome! Also lookout for a big Mike S interview in the near future, besides my questions, i’m putting this one to you!! If you have a question for Mike, please post your question in the comments section, and I will select my favourite questions and include them in the interview.

7 thoughts on “Mike S. Atmosfair Trailer

  1. Mike , You were such a big part of the contest scene and pushed so many riders. Why are you not competing at this time?

  2. this might sound strange…do you believe that things in life are prearreanged or arranged by chance,luck or something like that?!

  3. I believe that you often travel between Australia and Germany. What do you do to support yourself/make a living that is flexible enough to allow you to escape the Winter and go back and forth between the two countries so often?

  4. Many people ask me why I would want to spend so much time alone in a parking lot learning to spin a bicycle in circles; How would you answer them?

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