Miyuki Dezaki wins Flatland Forward Contest!

Congratulations to Miyuki Dezaki who was just announced as the overall winner in the Girls Flatland Forward contest (see video above)! Big respect to all the girls and also much respect to Rebecca Adam Pergentile for giving the girls a platform to showcase their skills, hopefully this type of event continues to grow in flatland!

1ST PLACE OVERALL – Miyuki Dezaki (Expert)


2nd – Boyana Stankov
3rd – Eri Funatsu
4th – Jazz Pintasilgo
5th – Ellen Van Der Woude
6th – M. Grant
7th – Chisako Namekawa
8th- Sara McEachern


2nd – Lona Adamiec
3rd – Misaki Gyaos Katagiri

2nd – Yuki Shinkawa
3rd – Mai Nishikawa
4th – Rebecca Pergentile
5th- Eriko Ono
6th – Paula Callery

You can watch all the videos over on the Magnolia site, link below:


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