More industry shakeup- Sean McKinney leaves S&M!

McKinney is S&M through and through, so this move shocked me, according to the S&M website, he’s moved to an un named company, but if picture above is anything to go by, then Cult have already snapped him up. Quite what will happen to Revenge industries is unknown at this time.

3 thoughts on “More industry shakeup- Sean McKinney leaves S&M!

  1. Seam Mckinney rules designer of the Primo V-Monster along with Day Smith Flatland Fugitive original best of luck to him one cooool cat.

  2. e-mailed Sean at Revenge basically it was a joke he is s & m/Revenge/Flatland Fugitive for life in his words not sure why it was a joke but there you go straight from the horses mouth.

  3. I guess you have to be involved in it to see the funny side in the joke…
    Thanks for the info howard, I did wonder why S&M would feature a cult t shirt on their site and theirs your answer!

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