12 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki 2014 Part 1

  1. Moto is ridiculously good. He can do everybody else’s tricks and so many different styles with and without brakes. I wish he would do more of this stuff and less spinning because I love it. I also wish he would do more of the whiplash stuff that he was doing when he first blew up, but you can’t hate someone for progressing and changing!!! The second combo – the first two pivots – he made it look so easy!!!

    So I want to see if we can issue challenges to Moto? Effraim? I want to see if he can do something like that backwheel – say with Rigby’s around the world / dump truck pivot combo stuff.

  2. So…is nobody curious at ALL as to what Moto did with those brakes he ran a while back? Nothing ever came of it on video and that always surprised me.

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