Moto Sasaki on Monster Energy!

News just in direct from Moto himself, he is pleased to announce that he is now an official athlete for Monster Energy, here is what Moto had to say:

“It will be 11 years since I started BMX. BMX has let the variety of experiences to me,
And I became the athlete of Monster Energy from June 1. That was the happiest thing in my life so far. I would like to thank everyone involved with me. To those who have supported, encouraged and cheered me so far.
I will continue to do my very best, So please keep cheering for me.
Thank you.”

Moto Sasaki.

6 thoughts on “Moto Sasaki on Monster Energy!

  1. Well deserved . Originality and some sick combos .Style for Days . Keep up the hard work and we will continue to watch .Flat all Day .

  2. Yeah, really well deserved! In a lot of other areas of life, someone who has accomplished as much as this cat would slow down and maybe become a bit complacent. So good to see someone so into what they do that they keep pushing boundaries and get rewarded for it!

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