Must Watch! Adam Kun – “My Reality” Official Trailer

This looks like it will be amazing, I’ve been waiting for this one! Great narrative, although not Adam talking….

The official teaser for Adam’s new video project “My Reality” showcases some of his best and most original tricks in a way that BMX Flatland has never been filmed before… Stay tuned!!

“Flatland BMX is my life. My goal is to become better and better, day by day. To create new tricks and showcase myself through my riding. No obstacles can hold me back from success, my motivation is unbreakable. I am Adam Kun, and this is my story.”

13 thoughts on “Must Watch! Adam Kun – “My Reality” Official Trailer

  1. A special project, probably because Nike brings the know-how/money regarding the production of the video, but the philosophesque part is overly commercial – I’ve happened to meet Adam and I believe he is not meditating on “achieving greatness”, he just rides as well as he can.

  2. Watching this is like being transported to a parallel universe where flatland has the same status as basketball or football. It reminds me a lot of the old Michael Jordan Nike adverts. Really, really cool.

    • I did wonder that the first time I watched Mike. I don’t know all the details about what this project is about, I’m hearing it’s for Nike. So, maybe this is a commercial worldwide, it has that feeling like it could play in a cinema or something like that, and they felt someone else’s voice would work better i’m not sure. Purely speculating here.

  3. @Effraim I believe Adam doesn’t have great English accent and pronunciation so they chose a guy who has a similar voice but perfect English… just saying

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