50 thoughts on “Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez / Bombarderos

  1. Love Vicki flow and style, but watching Martti you keep saying WTF is that! He obviously sees riding from different view than the rest.

  2. Wow! I could watch vikki all day and never get bored. Martti is pushing things in a unique way. There are only a few really doing that: him, Chad Johnston and jumelin. Most everyone else is progressing the popular lines.

  3. Thank you very much for all the supportive feedback! I truly hope this will inspire you for bit longer than a day or two! Feels good to be back with flatland!
    Infinite creativity.

    • You are the man Martti! Like old school said so many moves, like a dorkin’ vid. I think we have so many videos on the daily the flatland world need to respect the work that goes into something like this! This is flatland! We are lucky to see this…

  4. :)) nice to see you guys back at it together, you marked my childhood both of you. I had a dream when I was 17 you were both pumping no handed time machines super fast at my high school gymnasium. Maybe it will happen one day 🙂 props

  5. ….this is one more reason why people should start saving clips instead of making edits that only took a week. i’m gonna have a hard time watching uninventive flat after this

  6. Nothing has changed. When Martti showed up in Toronto 15 plus years ago riding that Dyno with Chiquita Banana stickers all over it…and amazing riders all around him…he still managed to vacuum the rooms energy unto himself with his with his style, strength, and originality.

    Fast forward to modern day…even after a riding hiatus…he’s done the same thing with one short edit. Good riders can take a break and come back and still ride good. Legends take a break, come back, and reinvent the game. Wow.

  7. I’ve watched Martii’s triple stemlash about 15 times now. Can’t believe it! Amazing riding from two freestyle masters!

  8. like george said above stem is the new peg. amazing stuff. who’s gonna be the first to pull backwards double stemlashes- martti i think going by this. new realm of tricks door is now open….

  9. @denny ummmm…did you see my last edit?? I dropped it about 2 weeks ago…I believe what garyflyer was proposing–saving clips.Ive done this for years..like that last edit I filmed that edit in January. Viki & martti know what’s up!.

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