Must Watch! Matthieu Bonnécuelle – Binary Reflections


Matthieu Bonnecuelle’s “Welcome to Heresy” edit is finally here, self filmed and edited. From the opening backwards fork wheelie to forward steam at 00:19 you know you going to watch something a little bit special, and it continues with so many incredible original moves, two footed front yard on the forks half whip out at 00:51, the Backwards 5 on frame at 1:16 is hard to see with the sunlight but incredible balance nevertheless, from 1:48 the Binary codes kick in and everything gets a lil’ bit crazy. The no handed double whiplash at 2:17 is like the holy grail of impossible flatland tricks, now done, recorded. At 20 years old, this kids future is so bright! This is winning the internet today!

47 thoughts on “Must Watch! Matthieu Bonnécuelle – Binary Reflections

  1. I know Matthieu for 8 years now. From being a little kid doing fire at the beginning, i have seeing him progressed so much, to become one of the most innovative rider, always trying to find new ideas ! So good to have some guys like him pushing the sport, and not just doing steam roller or half cab ! Keep pushing Matthieu ! But please stop “hiding” your tricks 😉

  2. what can I say without getting slated? here goes – crazy original riding, that no handed double whiplash was like mind blowing ,I cant get over it. but those stupid edit effects imo just ruin it. with riding that good there’s no need to to try and add anything. Heresy team must be so stoked on this guy. peace

  3. The editing is perfect. Pure art and not to mention the riding. Superbe! This edit proofes why the brand is called heresy.

  4. That was a combination of one of the best and worst things I’ve watched in a while. Riding was out of this world! Double no hand whips… pure magic. Great job dude keep it up. Seeing such original riding is so refreshing! On the editing side of things… just personal preference… but like Shane said… with riding that good, the editing took away a little bit. Props for being different and original though. riding and editing.

  5. Ok I watched it again….. The crazy editing was too heavy. A little less of that and the trick difficulty would really shine through…. That’s the highlight of each of the Heresy videos for me…

  6. Send help, I just swallowed my tongue!?!?
    I feel like this kids gonna come thru my iPad and do x arm backwards whiplashes w/my corpse! Wait, something’s happening, WTF…

  7. you know it’s a good promotional piece for your company when people say things like:

    “i literally had to stop washing once the flashing started”
    “i literally feel sick”
    “can’t watch it makes my eyes hurt”
    “i think i will die in a week…”

    Heresy, if you wanted your brand to be associated with people not watching your videos, or having those that do get sick, go blind, and eventually die, then you knocked it out of the park bravo.

  8. High level of riding and originality! I have just one request though….Can you release the footage of the no-handed double whip without the video effects? Rad trick!!! We want to see it more clearly!

  9. I agree with Jeremy. A mind blowing move was ruined to watch because it was basically ruined with a bunch of silly special effects. Why??

  10. There were elements/moments in this video that I did think were pretty awesome – aesthetically and from an editorial perspective, as well as riding. However I will say that the format of the video on the whole made the riding take a very very small second stage in some parts of the video. Parts that mattered. I have mixed feelings on this one. I didn’t like George’s last one either, yet I am completely humbled by the riding in both. I just didn’t like the videos. Why try so hard to barely show things that would make everyone stoked on your riding? It seems indulgent to me, and I seriously don’t want to look at a black screen or a strobe light during the high points of videos. This is my opinion and I’m venting it here; nowhere else.

  11. Like the tricks, the edit’s aesthetics are thoughtfully divergent from much of what we’ve been seeing lately. (This applies to the frame as well, I can attest).

    It’s brilliance is in the immersive experience it imparts in the viewer.

    It’s theme is binary.
    The first half of the edit is intriguing tricks in increasingly obscured shots.
    The second half interlaces distractions rapid-fire forcing the viewer to shut out the distractions to focus on the banger tricks.

    It’s exactly like managing your own progression — where you have to work through fatigue and mental distraction in order to remain focused on seeing the big banger… And then finally at the end you can see yourself doing it at The Worlds.

    It’s challenging what you know today.
    It’s presenting you with something that goes against your grain.
    It’s definitionally heresy, and unapologetically at that.

    I think it’s fantastic accomplishment.


  12. Really wish i could see this video! Not a fan of epileptic episodes though, im sure its epic no handed double whiplash sounds ridiculous hopefully with red or blue pill I’ll be able to see it!

  13. great tricks/rider but that edit was just too much. Please release a non-vomit/seizer induce version. Mainly so we can see whats actually going on and for those that cannot watch due to medical reasons

  14. This edit tries too hard to be deep and meaningful.

    as if words like SOLITUDE, BUDDHA, COCKRIDING, FLATLAND IS SAD, HIGH, FEVER, PARANOID, AUTOMUTILATION, MATHS,DON’T THINK, HARDCORE, DANS MACABRE, AUSTERE, SILENCE, CREATIVE COMMONS, HIDDEN, MODEST and MEGALOMANIA flashing on the screen unearth the true fundamental nature of reality and will lead to some type of deep realisation or enlightenment.

    Or maybe the editor was trying to show how deep and intellectual he is.

    Please release all the footage without the awful editing.

    This is supposed to add to the history of flatland. It is historical footage and it shouldn’t be tainted with this nonsense.

    AND also LOL @ joe cicmans attempt at trying to portray this horrible crap editing as good and meaningful.
    It reminds me of the emperors new clothes.

  15. I actually do respect him for making such strong editorial choices. Some people loved it, some didn’t and that’s fine. It’s still much better than a boring video for sure!

  16. Did anyone actually read the words in the video. hardcore, matthias, unsure, cockriding come up several times. I think this and other Heresy video works could be seen as a critique of what , by flatland society, is seen as hardcore ( street influence) and what their theory as to what hardcore flatland means to them ( tricks of extreme difficulty and originality )…

  17. I like that it’s experimental, or whatever you want to call it. If the tricks and shadows were not so interesting and didn’t stand alone, it probably wouldn’t cause the same curiosity, but because they are, I want to keep watching. I wouldn’t call it uncomfortable, but it’s out there and for me that added to it in a good way. Really liked re-watching it and the persistence of vision/motion perception games you’ve gotta play to see the tricks. And if you’re provoked enough to want to see the other stuff more clearly, there’s another few re-watches. I’m a fan of what you’re doing Matthieu, keep it up!

  18. Maybe they want to show what they’re up to, without really showing you. People forget about these web edits very quickly, but we’re all still talking about it and a certain trick. Maybe they’re holding back for some sort of video release that will highlight the riding in a much more appealing light. Maybe this guy grew up on a steady diet of Elle’s Bells and medication. Personally I like the mysterious marketing of the brand. More riding, less seizures!

    Ps-Those kooky frenchies…

  19. It was amazing riding – and I remember feeling like that 10 years ago, but now I just want to see the riding in s cleanly edited format. As it is though, I really appreciate it.

  20. I agree with Valgura,
    Riding is nice and all, tricks are really hard, an original statement is set….
    but it all seems way to pretentious to me.

    Also it is very uncool to flash the name of another rider and Cockriding and whatever else was written there, (i switched off after I scrolled towards the flashing scene.)
    Very distasteful, and in some points even insulting. If you didnt mean to combine Matthias+Cockriding then you have to mean that matthias’ clones are riding cocks, which is an equally ignorant and stupid as fuck statement.

    If Heresy wants to stand out from the crowd and be different, I do not believe that they have to Flash it into the viewers retina with Insults and some worse-then-emo associations.

    The only impression I have left after watching it for 15 seconds in the beginning and 15 seconds at the flashing scene is that some rider at heresy is passionately riding cocks while feeling sad, isolated and lonely with his decision to ride cocks.
    Oh, and he also seemingly wants to state that he has an excellent understanding of mathematics… If I understand it correctly he is either doing 0 tricks or 1 really hard one…
    If i could just tell who the rider is from the video…

    This is why we can’t have X-Games, you Guys…

    I have never met this Matthieu but he seems to have some very good tricks up his sleeve, so i’ll choose to disregard this video and never think of it again.

  21. Watched it a second time , u need to adjust your eyes like those magic eye books, I feel dizzy but did see the tricks this time , nice cockriding I mean riding matt

  22. i think this is a great representation of flatland, it let you experience feelings you can get while riding and that a normal edit can’t show so well.

  23. No handed DOUBLE whiplash , BACKWARDS facing whiplash turbine , etc !!! I still like to go back and watch this ……Im a HUGE fan of this kinda editing ……reminds me of a great rider / bmx video producer , Ellsworth Watson , yall know who that is…….ELLS BELLS !! The music , love that too . Some Schammasch would of been nice , haha. This edit does exactly its job ……grabs your attention , showcases some truly progressive riding , AMMMMMPPS ya up…. so you can go out for a sesh on your bike , and catches the vibe , feeling of trying a trick / combo ….THEN finally pulling it… after many attempts . I wish they would do a part 2 of this !

  24. I would REALLY like to see a PART 2 of THIS, A.S.A.P. , especially with the stuff / style of riding that he is doing these days ……mixed. with THESE insane lines in THIS edit , same kinda music , editing , vibe , ALL of it !! LETS GO for PART 2 , Matthieu !!!! BINARY REFLECTIONS , TIMES 7 …………

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