Must Watch – Matthieu Bonnecuelle & George Manos / Biface

BIFACE from HERESY BMX on Vimeo.

The Heresy team are full of surprises, and today we got something beautiful to add to the artform archives. This ticks a very different box in terms of a “Must Watch” edit, where this is more about two of the most creative riders in the flatland game interacting with each other in a combined space. Performance Art at its finest. Go watch this and enjoy…

“BIFACE is a raw experiment filmed in October 2019 around Narbonne (France).
Without carrying any particular meaning, the video came out like a primitive tool to shape a new form : a choreographic video mostly composed with BMX riding language.”

12 thoughts on “Must Watch – Matthieu Bonnecuelle & George Manos / Biface

  1. Way into this style….and dude there are a lot of new uploads ..AWESOME!..yeah I always misspell his name but dude is far for real.

  2. Lalo / Peck……AGREED , TIMES 7 ! THIS is wild style-good , love EVERYTHING about this .the ORIGINAL moves outta both of em , the CHOREOGRAPHY , the back ground music , the WHOLE feel to it , their interactions with each other ……TRICK wise ……EVERY detail !! Something quirky , out there , and mysterious …..SO creative on every single aspect . Bet this took a while to pull off ! CANT WAIT ……..for……MORE of THIS ! SALUD , Manos/ Matthieu , you’ve officially SLLLAAAAAMMMMMED the internet with this rad piece of BMX art .

  3. Had to comment …AGAIN ! Haha……Manos , his version of those crazy track stands are just TOO seeezzzzzziiiied , to me ! Meaning theyre REALLY cool and outside o the box of things youd normally see……….I didn’t even learn REGULAR track stands , and I lock my front break , have my pedals @ 6 o clock to make it waaaaaay easier , haha….didn’t learn em until , like….ummmm , 2016ish ! It just felt really weird to me . George , his version ,facing BACKWARDS , switch pedal , sans brakes AND pegs …..just super wild ,to me ! This whole edit is so trippy , and mental ! Again , loving THIS . Matthieu , even his hand plant , kinda catapult / U-turn trick , SO technical and stylish ,as with every move these two…SLLAAAAAAAAMMMM down . When he pushed Manos into his fakie / facing backwards nose manual …….I about woke up my mom , HYPED up in excitement / disbelief ,the other morning before work , haha……………Heresy bmx team ………you just never know or have the slightest clue as to just what youre getting, whenever they / one of em……..drop a fresh edit online……….THAT , I really dig about their team ……….

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