11 thoughts on “Must Watch! – Yoshihiro Shinde D.I.Y edit #3

  1. That backwards cliffhanger type link that starts at 1:43 is madness. Shinde has always been one of the most creative riders. It’s good to see he’s still on it.

  2. @ Sean.. .when martti was doing all those videos and tricks. I told him to do a double stem whiplash and he did it. and now its going BONKERS :))) 😉

  3. Amazing video. I like how his links are quite short instead of cemented together like a humpy steamroller cowboy’s long combo.

    I think that the increase in bar height, stem length and angling bars a bit forward (for nose manuals) has opened up the stem for use a lot more. especially really tall bars – you’ve got so much more control up there. It’s sort of obvious that stems would be next as a place where an average rider, given some hard work, could do something original.

    I’m excited to see what comes of not just the stem, but seat also a la Ederson and Calvin Tan for example.

  4. “humpy steamroller cowboy’s” is the flatland quote of the year. and as far as seat variations lets not forget andrew wickham

  5. Andrew Wickham? Google! Checked his video. So sick man!!! Can’t see how it’s only got 750 odd views. Really love the tire walking seat standing decade combo towards the end. Would love to ride with this guy!

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