13 thoughts on “New Ciaran Perry edit!

  1. Thanks gents firstly for Brian there primo comets 1.9 back 2.1 front @ the rest glad you like it i guess the next step when i can do the inwards 5 flips faster and more confidently is to move on to inwards hang nothing flips as an extention from the hang nothing squeeker flips i did (which are still hard for me) but 1 thing at a time! thanks.

  2. That makes a bit more sense tire-wise. Bit big but more to grab with the footjams. I used 2.1 Walls when I learned some squeaker flip stuff they were great for that!

    So I always wonder what your natural tendencies are for peg foot, kicking foot, circles etc. Or are you just completely ambidextrous? I can’t figure out what is switch for you! BTW that is a HUGE compliment and speaks volumes about your abilities. Keep pushing my man!

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