New Keisuke Tanigawa edit

Two new japanese edits in one day, these guys are progressive, this one is from Keisuke’s blog, and I cant figure out whether there is an embed code or what as writing is all in japanese, so you will have to make do with the link, well worth watching, gets tech at the end, hit the rewind at 2:51, seriously tech switch, boomerang opposite xft hang 5 jump through frame to spinning circle k to halfpacker + the last combo!!, nuff buttery and flow! thanks to taku for the hook up on this one…

4 thoughts on “New Keisuke Tanigawa edit

  1. cant beleive why this guy isnt as famous as york or hiro, his combos are fast and solid, makes me want to put a brake on…..

  2. the japanese scene is rather a strange one in some ways, lot of riders kill it and i relatively unrecognised for it, i.e Keisuke, Hotoke. Ares are predominantly the biggest brand in japan, so im guessing if you ride for them then you will have a bigger name, it shouldnt work like that, but seems to. The riding should talk for itself. Certainly Keisuke is a ripper, lets hope he gets some props over there. It also highlights how strong their scene is overthere, theres probably a shedload of riders like this that noone knows about.

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