Nick Watts – January 11th 2019

Nick Watts brought memories back for me today, the half lash 360 bar spin to locomotive at the beginning of the edit bought a smile to my face and this edit centres around that concept. As always Nick’s edits have that feeling to them, I can’t wait to get a last session in tomorrow before flying out to Cali. Thanks Nick!

6 thoughts on “Nick Watts – January 11th 2019

  1. The hang 5 >locomotive is similar to the hang >b’yard I came out with back in the day. But, be fair to your daughter Nick, just kidding.

    • Hey Tristan! Yeah I remember you doing hang fives to backyards back in the day..They were sick! Happy new year mate! Cheers Nick

  2. So nice to have support from your family when it comes to something that you love,like flatland,espesially from your kids!!! I can relate to that feeling…Bravo Nick for these crazy combos and switches!Hang5 to 360 barspin to locomotive to Smith decade out! Yeahhhh!

  3. Hi Giannis, Thanks man! Yeah the kids are great to have around while you are riding but can be very distracting..hahaha..Hope you’re having a great start to the new year! Nick

  4. This year started really great! I am riding everyday and working on double front brake barflips and cross footed rolling stuff.Its sunshine here in Athens and that helps alot!Looking forward to your next edit Nick!!

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