Ninja spin prediction

Ninja spin guys are taking bets on how this weekend will turn out in Monte Carlo,so thought be fun to join in the proceedings, heres my top five below, based on what i’ve seen lately, whether contest footage or practise stuff. Will the judges get it right? Lets see.

1- Justin Miller
2- Martti Kuoppa
3- Adam Kun
4- Matthias Dandois
5- Raphael Chiquet

What are your predictions? Comment below…

5 thoughts on “Ninja spin prediction

  1. Not sure about the rest, but after seeing Justin’s run at Jomopro… i’d put him at #1. That combo when he battled Cory…. damn.

  2. I think justin has the momentum going into this event, martti is on it, kun is riding well at mo and is pushing it, then the French guys have home advantage. Then you have the outsiders who can surprise, yucchie, whitey,terry, how many people are really pushing… Consistency will be the main factor, which is why justin is the favourite.

  3. Whitey qualified for last 16 in 8th, get in there!!! Matthias hit the top spot, all the heavy hitters are in the semi final…. sounds like its going off in Monte Carlo….

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