No Flatland at Texas Toast!

This year the Texas Toast partners up with the Nora Cup awards so this bad news is a double whammy. Heres the official word from the Odyssey website.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, there will not be a flatland event at Texas Toast this year. We’re all a bit torn up over this decision, but here’s what’s going on…

We thought we had a new venue sorted out for Toast that would have given us more room and we have planned from the beginning to include flat. However, due to some city red tape that venue fell through just recently. Luckily we were able to work out a deal to have Toast at the same lumber yard it was at last year. Since the city of Austin is seeing explosive growth right now the lumber yard is busier than ever! It is literally packed with lumber and building materials. The warehouse we used for flat last year is going to be off limits to us. Although it seems like hosting a flatland contest would be the easiest of all events (with no ramps to build) it actually can be quite challenging to find good flat ground. The lumberyard really has no alternative space that we could use for flat. We had considered doing an invite only event in between the ramps on the street course but that seemed to be getting away from the original idea of Toast. We want everyone to be able to have fun and ride. Flat on the street course would mean minimal practice for the riders and only a select group of folks would even get to ride (because the street course is so busy with street).

This massively sucks for us at Toast since NORA CUP AWARDS will be held in conjunction with Toast. We are bummed to potentially have the top 5 nominees for Flat in town and not have a venue set up for them to ride. Again, we are very sorry for the news.

14 thoughts on “No Flatland at Texas Toast!

  1. Flat. Street. Whatever. just enter the street contest and do flat runs. There should just be one class of riders and everyone kills it. Because flat fucking rules.

  2. That’s a big shame.. The Flatland event there last year was undoubtedly one of the best contests of the year! Hopefully we will still see the Jams at the OG like last year & Hopefully Jim McKay can get some good footage & I’m sure put out a GREAT edit again! It’s a shame, but i’m sure some sweet riding will still go down & next year when Odyssey can sort out a proper venue, Flatland will be back with a vengeance!

  3. I’m bummed. I’m still going out there though. I can’t promise a jam video like last year because I’m expecting far fewer (flat) riders will be in town for Toast, considering, but we’ll see.

  4. Excellent! Cannot wait to see this! My good friend Danny Sirkin will be competing in the Veteran Class, No doubt he’ll smash it! FIRST Place Danny! COME ON!!

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