Nora cup awards

Fat tony at did a great job of covering the Nora cup in vegas, heres pretty much the whole show. Flatland Fugitive Nate Hansen presented the award for flatlander of the year, each year the guys from US ride put on the Nora cup, huge party in vegas, drunken bmxers claiming there awards. There are some great moments.. Lee Reynolds announcing best ramp rider, Mike Aitken wining dirt, and generally Paul Roberts as the host… If you have time to spare, watch this…

One thought on “Nora cup awards

  1. Watched this on Transworld website seems everyone had a great/drunk time ha ha nice to see Mikey Aitken after that crash respect there also Nate Hanson dude ruled on flat why he give up ? still a rad cat and Grotbags 2000 fags a day nothing changes lol great stuff.

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