Old School Sundays – 1987 AFA Masters, Columbus Ohio, 14-15 Expert Flatland

Brandon Woldridge got in contact with an Old School gem for the weeks OSS! There are some big legendary moments in the history of flatland right here, including several potential Contest NBDs in this footage.
0:00 – Eric Evans (13 & under)
4:55 – CHASE GOUIN (!!!)
10:15 – Aaron Dull (was this the first contest Stick-B? , funky chicken whips and spinning front yard?)
14:30: Danny Meng, backwards infinity roll to cherrypicker. Early development in pivoting technique.
15:30 – Bill Neumann, pedalling pedal picker to open the run.
18:11 – David Fox (was this the first contest forward Karl Kruzer?)
24:14 – Park Carter.
26:55 – Trevor Hernandez.
32:37 – Derek Schott (was this the first contest Rollaid?).

Great atmosphere at this contest to boot, who was at this contest reading this. Lets discuss this huge part of history in the comments section.

8 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – 1987 AFA Masters, Columbus Ohio, 14-15 Expert Flatland

  1. Love this,even if Chase wasn’t in it..lol.Really though this footage really is amazing.I think most of these guys were my age and the tricks they were going for I remember or at least thinking of trying if my friend Charley Blake wasn’t pulling them..lol(he was a great local rider/friend,R.I.P). when I was 15,wow.

      • I assumed he meant, “I would have loved this *even if Chase weren’t in it*” – instead of it sounding like he doesn’t think Chase was in it. I guess he can clarify.

        I did take steps to verify that it’s Chase (the announcer’s pronunciation of the last name is really murky, and I didn’t want to make some big claim without trying to verify it through knowledgeable people), and per my understanding, the person who confirmed it is the person who rode with Chase during that time period, and Chase traveled to the contest with – someone whose name you all know. Instead of name-dropping someone I don’t personally know, I’ll send a message to see if they want to publicly confirm it.

        Notice that this rider also rides goofy-footed, and does double decades with the bike at a pretty vertical angle – both being traits of Chase’s riding.

  2. I always wanted to learn chick whips like Dull.. Never could!
    Till this day.. Its still one of my favorite tricks.. So clean!

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