Old school sundays

So many cracking uploads by hjw3001 from the 1988 AFA Masters, Round 5, Wayne, NJ, for now I picked out Carly Garcia, Ruben Castillo, Jay Jones, and Darren Pelio. So much awesome riding, different styles, this footage is golden!

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  1. Looks like Carly was riding a Skyway Street Beat there Josh pre Ozone days ,yeah i’m stoked on all these AFA vids prety much watched them all ,Denny Howell one was sick ,thanks to Hj3001 (Henry) for posting these,a big piece of history .

  2. Yeah Kevin the special suits are what generated money at the time haha but you know that , slowly they faded into obscurity and were replaced by Hammer pads,Hammer shorts and Hammer vests and Life A Beach hats ,this was many regard as ” the changing of the guard ” after 88 it (freestyle) suffered financially for a few years ,riders quit,companies folded,no money invested,sponsors were a thing of the past etc etc.

  3. He was with Ozone at the end. His run in Kansas 1988 was a ripper. I do believe he one his class. Pretty sure he rode with Emerson and Brandt, but I may be mistaken.

  4. Thanks for posting the videos on Old School Sunday. I’m glad we got so much on tape that day and it survived all these years. More old school flatland coming soon. I recommend the runs by Ross Smith, Joe Gruttola, and Ryuji Hora.

  5. http://www.23mag.com/events/afa/a88f.htm no he didn’t win his class Josh , Eric Evans did check the link yeah he was with Ozone at the end of 88 not at this comp though yeah he rode on Ozone with Campbell,Grasso,Emerson,Brandt,Oscar Gonzales, thats a Street Beat he’s riding there ,thanks to Henry for these awesome video’s 🙂

  6. Funny story…I moved to the San Fran area in 2007 for a job change and Carly was my neighbor in the apartment complex. Totally random.

  7. UGH! That’s right! What a laugh that was! totally forgot about Eric Evans. What a error in judgement that was. Also, if you remember Gerry Smiths’ run from Kansas, it was a total banger. He dropped so many bombs that he could have won pro, as far as I was concerned. His tricks were technically WAY ahead of everyone else at that comp.

    • Hey Josh, actually Gregg Macomber who won, like I said I was curious after seeing Carly ride and seeing he wasn’t winning, I was thinking wow these kids Gregg and Eric must be so good to beat this guy, I mean they are good for their age, but not in same league as Carly for sure.

  8. Yeah theres a few run of Gerrys from AFA comps in 88 online but not from Kansas comp was sick rider fr sure.Yeah Greg Macomber won in here in Indiana but Eric Evans won in Kansas ,Carly was way better judges needed glasses i think haha

  9. just a note Darren Pelio’s karl kruiser brake lever scraper trick ,pre dates Moto by 22 years years not to say Moto isn’t sick because he is,but just goes to show some tricks come full circle also some unknown dude on the vids on you tube Henry posted is doing that Alex Jumelin foot on the bars hang 5 thing and like that Sean Peters pedal circle K circa 1995 ,cool to see.

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