Old school sundays with…

None other than Matt Hoffman, at the infamous Holeshot contest at the Sobell Centre in Islington, London, 1987,…

5 thoughts on “Old school sundays with…

  1. Which place did he get at that competition? and was any of todays riding flalanrders competing back than? like Phil or perhaps you effraim?:P

  2. Navid, I was in 13-14 expert and actually won this contest, holeshot was a massive contest back in the day..
    Not sure what place Matt got in flat, there was an overall title back in these days… Think Carlo may have won this, Howard?

  3. Yeah Matt could cut it up on the flat as well also Josh White was not bad either .Yeah Navid i was at every one did not ener though .14 FLAT 1-Scotty Freeman 2-Carlo Griggs (tie) 2-Karl Denton.
    Matt Hoffman came 10 the in flat, and in ramps Hoffman won with Carlo in 2nd.

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