Old School Sundays with Andrew Reardon

Between 1983 and 1987 BMX Beat was a popular BMX Freestyle TV show/contest broadcast on one of the main UK TV Channels, ITV. Growing up on the UKBFA circuit I would see Andrew Reardon who was from Cardiff, Wales at a lot of regional and national events, always smooth as glass and combined his tricks a lil’ bit differently than everyone else.

One thought on “Old School Sundays with Andrew Reardon

  1. Andy sure could string a hefty amount of tricks together in different ways to most back then, and also ripped on ramps too. Andy turned up at a bmx themed night myself and Matti Hemmings had going in a Cardiff nightclub a couple of years ago with riding demos and videos shown all night. was good to see him and he hasn’t changed one bit.
    he was stoked to see old cardiff ramp room footage of himself and his brother Marc (RIP) on the big screen I put together.
    good to see this again.still got it on vhs.

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