9 thoughts on “Old School Sundays Part 2 with Stephan Bisseker & James White

  1. I saw Steve pull some amazing shit, on par with ANY rider that was about then, on a bike that had more re-welding on it than original tubing, he was the definition of hardcore. Phil and James will say the same..

    • Always remember him in the magazines, then seeing him ride in the flesh and being blown away! I recall a barndance switched into backwards decade, that ring a bell Lincoln?

  2. Yep, i was always asking him to bust that one out, his Rolaids were always at 20 mph plus as we’re his hitchhikers down kerbs! Sooo many balls out tricks..

  3. ^^^ yep the Barry on a Grifter DVD has plenty of my footage of Steve on it, I also have some unseen stuff on Hi8 I’m getting converted so stay tuned..

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