Paula Callery – Paulatrix 2013

Paula has come through a lot recently, check out her year end edit and read some of her story below. keep busting out and inspiring others Paula!

“Half way through 2011 my fiancé ‘s kidneys failed for the second time in his life. The following 18 months were filled with countless hospital visits and stays, daily peritoneal dialysis treatments that were set up and disposed of at home, by us, and financial stress and fatigue that comes with chronic illness. The list of obstacles goes on and on. I tested to donate a kidney, but I wasn’t a good match. The disappointing news crushed me like I never thought it would. At the end of 2012 he received the gift of life when a living donor, a family friend, turned out to be a great match. After a successful transplant and 3 months of recovery we feel like we have our lives back. We spent most of 2013 making up for lost time. I put my bike aside and we set out travelling and witnessing the beauty of our country together throughout the year. I picked Audioslave’s Be Yourself as the soundtrack for this edit for the inspirational and meaningful lyrics. No matter how bad things get you won’t have any regrets if you can just be yourself. Remember to take the time to show those around you love and to always be true to yourself. Our struggle was an emotional rollercoaster and continues to be today, as organ transplantation is a complex medical condition. Even though we have gone through what we hope were the biggest and scariest hurdles, the future is still uncertain. I encourage everyone to please give the gift of life themselves and become an organ donor. It truly is the most amazing and inspiring event I have ever witness, it has changed my life forever for the better. Please look into how to become an organ donor, it varies depending on where you are living. Live life, pass it on.”

3 thoughts on “Paula Callery – Paulatrix 2013

  1. That was awesome. The whole video had this chill vibe of travels, scenes and good times. Good luck for 2014! What skate park were you riding at!? It’s not close to Barrie is it?

  2. Thanks Phil. Riding was hard at times. On good days I could go out and ride and I would have this whole other perspective of freedom and enjoyment. On bad days it was like my skill level lost 3 or 5 years and I had 0 ability to concentrate or focus on riding.
    Lachlan-I was riding at Joyride 150 in Markham for the indoor scenes. Hit me up on FB, we can ride sometime there.

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