Paulo Gepulango – Brakeless / The last session

Brakeless, The last session from Paulo Gepulango on Vimeo.

Paulo Gepulango takes his last session before going back to riding brakes, below he explains more:

“Heres my latest video, featuring some of my new combos and some other weird stuffs. “the last session”, because recently i decided to put my brakes back on after 5 years of being brakeless. im trying to experiment a little about brakes and i also miss the feeling of using them, with this i try to combine my flows in brakeless and tech moves that i learned before when i had brakes. hope this experiment will give me positive results.”

2 thoughts on “Paulo Gepulango – Brakeless / The last session

  1. Really cool to see a guy that kills it brakeless decide to progress in the direction of merging that flow with tech brake tricks… looking forward to seeing that combined style in future edits!

    • thanks so much for the juice bro, coz lately i realized that i am already limiting my self into this brakeless flow thing. no negative about brakeless stuff’s but i want to explore more. i am happy right now with brakes, and already had positive results. will post my new progression edit in the next two weeks.

      cheers from philippines. 🙂

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