Percy Marshall wins Trans Jam in Raleigh NC!

Podium photos: Joe Cicman.

Huge congratulations to Percy Marshall taking the win in the Pro Class yesterday at the Trans jam contest in Raleigh, North Carolina followed on the podium by Jason Plourde and James McGraw! As it stands right now, Percy and Jason are going to be pretty close fighting it out for the 2015 AM Flat Circuit title, if anyone has any footage from the event please get in touch.

1- Percy Marshall
2- Jason Plourde
3- James McGraw
4- Isaiah Jordan
5- Todd Carter
6- Masashi Itani
7- Bryan Huffman
8- Joe Cicman
9- Keith King

2 thoughts on “Percy Marshall wins Trans Jam in Raleigh NC!

  1. Percy absolutely killed it! I was there…on the judges panel. The sheer number of tricks, variety of tricks, and at a very high difficulty level across the board! It was quite an amazing performance! One of the best I have seen in a contest run in some time. It’s rare you see a rider that can go hard on the front wheel, back wheel, and with a great range of tricks and a large number of them. One of his runs had more tricks thrown in it than several of the other riders combined. Good work Percy and, again, big time congratulations to you!! And, congrats to Jason and James as well! They both rode very well. All the riders did…we had a hard time with the rest of the placings and the results show it. Great riding by everyone!

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