Pete Olsen leaves S&M after 5 Years

Photo credit: Matt Saint G.

Big news broke late yesterday, Pete Olsen has left S&M after 5 years, here’s what Pete had to say on his instagram account:

“It’s been an amazing 5 years but I’ve decided to move from S&M and Brink Distro. Riding for S&M Bikes and Brink Distribution (formerly 1664) has been a dream opportunity and I am incredibly grateful for the chance to do my thing for both companies. Big thanks to Chris Moeller for making this possible and ibonesaw for being a sick ™ at Brink. I’d like to give a special thank you to Chad Johnston, he’s the brains behind the Intrikat program at S&M which has had a huge impact on the flatland community. Chad took me under his wing years ago and opened the door for me so I’ll aways be thankful to him and appreciative of all his hard work. Thanks again!!”

4 thoughts on “Pete Olsen leaves S&M after 5 Years

  1. Darn, I was wondering why Olsen and James White didn’t have sections in S&M’s full length DVD that dropped recently, maybe some behind the scenes moves were taking place. Would’ve been cool to see sections from these guys alongside Chad’s part, he ripped it.

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