9 thoughts on “Phil Dolan – Throwback Thursdays

  1. Phil is legendary, and his pinky squeak game was among the best back then… but man I can’t get James White’s interview bit about Phil and pinkys out of my head whenever I see his old runs, sh*t was hilarious.

  2. Man….. his style of pinks was so high level / incredibly technical …….cant imagine what it was like for him to get THIS style of riding dialed, like as in…. CONTEST ready . I met / saw him doing these combos months before this comp , he was riding in South Padre T.X. @ the X-Trials qualifier during spring break . He SMASHED it ALL day …..practice , prelims…….AND the finals , EARLY the next morning ! LEGEND-TIMES 7 !!

  3. ABSOLUTELY loved this era of his riding……….STILL watching this in 2019 , loving the pure freestyle ,within his links in this run…..like that leg dangling , STANDING squeaker, @ 2.04 MINUTES , totally on the fly , just feeling , enjoying his run ! Id love to see even MORE of his orange Morales frame era , video footage……hint , hint , haha……ANYONE ,please upload some , haha…………loving the track its edited too , also………. D and B music goes well with riding styles like Dolans !

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