Pralex Limited Edition Towels

After sponsoring this year’s Voodoo Jam, we felt that after five years, the timing was finally right for us to release some sort of #pralex product.
We had our product launch at Anarchy in Anderson 2 in Indiana on the weekend, and could not be more proud of our very supportive fans. While we have already sold over half of our limited edition towels, we are opening up online sales today.
Towels measure 11″ x 17″, and boast the #pralex logo in red. Great for wiping yourself down mid-session, or for waving in support of all your favourite #pralex riders at all future events.
Towels are $10 US + shipping. Shipping is $2 in Canada, $3 in the United States, and $5 for international orders. Shipping charges are for however many towels your heart desires.
If #pralex has improved the amount of fun you’ve had at any event over the years, or you simply just enjoyed Voodoo Jam 2013 (in person, via live web-feed, or through media released since), please open up your hearts and wallets and support a team of riders that are very passionate about supporting flatland.
Please send paypal payment to , and be sure to include the address to which you would like the towel(s) sent to.
(Prasheel, Alex, Mark, and Trevor)

3 thoughts on “Pralex Limited Edition Towels

  1. I wiped myself down, mid-session, and the towel scratched my face. I now have a big scratch on my cheek. I think there is a design flaw.

  2. I guess we should have included instructions with the towels; always wipe yourself with the #pralex logo facing outwards.

    Not that it will cause bodily harm otherwise, but this gives us the maximum exposure. Thank you.

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