R.I.P Jason Brown

Today I received the tragic news that Jason Brown took his life and is no longer with us, truly heartbroken right now and in total shock. Jason did a lot for me during the late 90’s, Canadians Eh, Five Combos, and a lot of fun times riding together at the X Trials/X Games. Gone way too early, a great man! R.I.P Jason Brown. My heart goes to all his friends,family and the flatland community he did so much for!

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  1. I haven’t been able to get my head around it all day. Jason was an amazing person and inspiration to all the riders. He gave many riders a chance to showcase their skills in his videos and was always pushing us to our full potential. I will miss you brother.


  2. No way. Wtf? So sorry to hear this. Saw him with GT years ago and was just making some conversations with him a few weeks ago . Damn.

  3. A true giant in flatland who will be sorely missed by all those who knew him and those like me who were stoked to go out and get it done after getting amped watching his clips.

  4. Terrible news. He had a distinct style .I could watch him all day.
    .Jason was always super cool when we came to ride or film or whatever. RIP brother

  5. I’ve been out of the game for a long while…hardly any connection to my old bmx life at all. However, someone reached out to me today and told me this sad, sad news.

    Jason was a straight up bad ass on that bike…huge influence to many. Through his videos, friends, and those who were lucky enough to see him throw down, his riding legacy will continue to love on for many years to come.

    Tragic loss on many levels.

  6. I grew up with Jason in a little town called St. Paul in Alberta, Canada. He was always a great guy and will be missed by many

    • Wow this is extremely sad news. Road with Jason many years ago in St. Paul, he was always a pro on a bike racing or freestyle. RIP my friend.

  7. So bummed and sadden to hear this. I competed with Jason through the 99 x-trials and in the 99 X-games. Great guy, great rider, fast & powerful riding style and super dialed. I was never excited when he was in my qualifying group. Rest in peace Jason.

  8. I heard the news yesterday right as I was packing up after a riding session. It really hit me pretty hard – Jason was a friend and a great person. He was amazing on his bike, always super dialed, and definitely was a big influence on me. You’ll be missed, Brother, and thanks so much for your contributions to this sport we love. Ride in peace.

  9. To add a second comment, thinking back to all the times Jayson and I were at the same comps – way back in his early days; probably about a dozen.times – he was one of the friendliest people there. He had a pretty small bag of tricks at the time but that didn’t matter – he was one of the people that you hoped were going to show up to the comp because he was a very likable and fun to be around. I am truly saddened to hear this news. ๐Ÿ™

  10. such sad news, my mates and I watched them videos so much till the tapes got messed up – we called Jason ” Mr Smooth” . R.I.P . gone ,but dude you will never be forgotten

  11. Very sad news. This guy was such a progressive rider and progressed flatland in general. Those videos started coming out when many flatlander was asking themselves “is there anyone else out there doing this” and the answer from Jason Browns vids was YES YES and YES!!!!
    My condolences to his family and friends.

  12. I was a close friend of Jason’s. I met him in the Kootenay’s in 2008. We became friends over the next 9 years riding together and hanging out together. It is nice to read the posts here. Jason remained an awesome guy to be around, especially when we were on our bikes..

    I still have trouble dealing with his loss everyday..
    my memorial and RIP posts can be seen on b-radmtnbiking.com for those that wish to read it.

    Thank you to all for these posts. A close friend of his has certainly smiled while reading these..

  13. Haven’t visited in awhile and just saw this. Really sad to hear this news. Just a small memory, but I’ll add it here… Went riding with Jason once in a Vancouver parking garage around 1991-2. Was just visiting the city and some rider who I don’t remember the name, gave me his number. Called Jason up and he was totally down for a session. He totally blew me away with his pro level riding. He had “Dream Warriors”, “And Now the Legacy Begins” playing in his car after the session, so maybe 91. Good memories. I picked up the album shortly after. My condolences to his family and friends.

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