R.I.P Seiji Sakata


Very sad news today here on Flatmattersonline, Japanese flatland legend Seiji Sakata lost his battle with liver cancer that we reported around a month ago. I’m sure I speak for the whole flatland community in saying this is a very sad day, and my condolences go out to his wife Mari, family and friends. Taking from us way too young.

In all of our hearts forever.

R.I.P Seiji Sakata.

18 thoughts on “R.I.P Seiji Sakata

  1. You did what you wanted in life by riding your bike.you showed us the magic on a bike on flat ground.impossible is nothing.these were no wasted years.your family thoughts and remembrance from friends travel along with you.VIDEOS AND PICS MAKE U INMORTAL.SEE YOU IN HEAVEN, Seiji Sakata.

  2. Man…. this is almost unbelievable to hear. Condolences to the Sakata family and rest in peace, Seiji… just devastating. In my 40’s now, I find myself thinking more and more about these illnesses that can take someone out just like that, regardless of how healthy a lifestyle you lead or the positive energy you contribute to the world, and it just bums me the fk out. Honored to be one of many that were awed by Seiji’s riding over the years, and I hope his soul is in a restful place now.

  3. RIP Seiji Sakata
    Best wishes to his family and friends
    He was a big motivation and inpspiration to start riding after flatground 3 and he will always be.

  4. R.I.P Seiji. ride in heaven. cancer sucks! my dad has bladder cancer and my mum has terminal lung cancer. life sure can suck . peace to his family and loved ones. dude you will NEVER be forgotten ,you were just too rad! go hug your loved ones tell you love em then grab yah bike and go bust some moves in memory of Seiji !

  5. It always baffles me that cancer can strike anyone at anytime. My condolences to his family and friends. Never met him but he was an inspiration to all of us. Rest In Peace Seiji.

  6. Fcking Horrible news
    Rest in Peace Seiji, Wish the best of strenght and luck to all of his family and friends. Seiji will be alive for ever in a lot of Flatland minds around the globe!!

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