Rebel Jam results!

Photo by Vincent Perraud.

I have to say, who cares about the results when BMX is this good!, the park finals just got done, what an incredible weekend following the event live online at the Rebel Jam in Eindhoven, Holland! Wow! What a great end to the contest season! For those of you that do care, here are the results/winners:

Hard trick:
1- Matthias Dandois
2- Dominik Nekolny
3- Dez Maarsen
4- Viki Gomez
5- Waldemar Fatkin
6- Adam Kun
7- Akira Okamura
8- Alex Jumelin
9- Seppl Pospischel
10- George Manos
11- Jean Francis Boulainne
12- Benjamin Grobjohann

1- Matthias Dandois
2- Akira Okamura
3- Alex Jumelin
4- Waldemar Fatkin
5- Viki Gomez
6- George Manos
7- Adam Kun
8- Dominik Nekolny
9- Benjamin Grobjohann
10- Dez Maarsen
11- Seppl Pospischel
12- Jean Francis Boulainne

1- Matthias Dandois
2- Waldemar Fatkin
3- Alex Jumelin
4- Dominik Nekolny
5- Viki Gomez
6- Jean Francis Boulainne
7- Dez Maarsen
8- Adam Kun
9- Akira Okamura
10- Benjamin Grobjohann
11- George Manos
12- Seppl Pospischel

31 thoughts on “Rebel Jam results!

  1. I had George doing good too & wish Viki had pulled that last combo in his run. But the best contest I’ve seen in a very long time! Props to Rebel Jam

  2. i can say that this is a matter of rules. the contest has certain rules and the judges have their rules too. by attending the contest you accept those rules. so the results canยดt be wrong. (:
    everybody who watched the comp saw outstanding flatland riding. no doubt!
    maybe not everybody shares the same opinion about the results but why trying to convince somebody else?
    everybody has their own “best” rider so please keep your results in yourself and live with those. it would save a lot of time solving problems instead of putting flatland together.
    who ever doesnยดt agree with me might have a reason. (:

  3. When the results are not fair the same sentece is there every time
    “I have to say, who cares about the results when BMX is this good!”

    In skateboarding, in BMX, in wakeboarding.. everywhere.
    It’s gonna kill the passion to compete and noone will go to these shit competitions! Screw it!

    • In reply to the person about who left a fake email from hungary, I put that statement because thats what I felt, there are always disagreements with judging, always! No one can ever be happy, unless you are not competitive. Come on guys and girls, if you can’t put your real name, or email, i can’t bothered to keep your post up, I don’t mind a debate, but hiding behind a fake name and fake email is pathetic! This is why flatland will never grow up! I agree with Michael Sommers email to a point, the best thing to come out of this contest was at least it wasn’t a damn battle! Moving forward!

  4. Watched the live feed and enjoyed it. Great contest. Fantastic riding.
    Alexis came so close to his turbine backwards facing whiplash in the qualifiers.
    Also Dan Lacey’s 360 over the rail to icepick in the street finals, sickening ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was a litte surprised by some of the results but as so many people have already said; its personal preference. Congrats to everyone.

  5. I missed the live feed for the flatland comps. But I didn’t need to see it to know that contest results will be a matter of debate. They always have been and most likely will continue to be that way. Everyone has their own preferences regarding flatland styles and I hope to god that it continues on that way. Otherwise we might as well become racers or be forced into compulsory moves and have little to no originality like ice skaters. Riding to opera and dressing like a peacock isn’t my idea of creativity. Looking forward to seeing the videos!

  6. I watched most of the contest footage and agree that matthias took the win but does anybody think him being sponsored by vans (who put on the event) skewed the results especially given this odd category judging. I mean cmon creativity, when I think of the most original riders of all time George Manos and Akira our definitely up there. ALSO NOTE im not hating…..just making a curious observation, matthias is a contest machine and deserved to win just don’t understand this style of judging(style a category…really….).

  7. I thought adams whopper to megaspin was the hardest trick pulled in finals but can smn tell me wich matthias trick beat that? please brighten me ๐Ÿ™‚
    and about creativity. well george manos is definetly pishing flatland out of the box so realy dont understand some decisions from judges.
    oh and results are important cause it was a CONTEST, not a jam or smthnk like that

  8. @ rennace : i really don’t think vans judging the event has anything to do with the results. Vans doesn’t need that and they have much more to gain from just organizing the contest…the conspiracy theory always comes up when poeple don’t understand or don’t agree…And off course in this case there is no conspiracy.

  9. George Manos backwards G-Turn nose wheelie thing ain’t that original, Paul Osicka was doing those in Stamdard County vid in 1999.

  10. I was so pumped on the idea of there being 3 separate awards for: “Style” “Creativity” and “Hard Trick”. I thought this was a chance for such as art esq thing as flatland to be judged in the conventional manor. it was sad to see some the riders that may have given the said categories a good run for the money fall victim to the pressure associated with the standard 3min qualify run, opposed to “Best trick jam” and not making it through.

    I don’t want comment on the rider results orders as it was the average of the 4 judges and no 1 person Is to blame. However retrospectively looking and thinking the “Creativity” category despite a backbone word synonymous with flatland doesn’t translate for the skatepark and street vs flatland comps too well. A creative line, gap or trick is clear to see as unfolds at the event, but as any internet savvy rider is upto date with videos of the riders we know who Is original/creative and who works hard on consistency etc.

    So one could have been ranked the “Creativity” results even before a single run had been done and the Greek magician would have won with out touching his pegless bike. Hopefully that kind of made some sense?

    Style Is also a loose and subjective term. You can have in someones opinion a good style or a bad style, and may have alot of either, thus very stylish , Sebastian Pospischil has that unique shaking style while in hard pedal variations, not sure if I love it or hate it but I can certainly say its his unique style. Where as perfectly smooth run could be seen as robotic and maybe the physics of perfection only allows one style of the way for something to be done (the right way) and corrections or need for a pump that for many is a technique where styles ooze from isn’t needed.

    The French are born fashionable (in some peoples eyes and that’s not even getting started on the riding, but short of counting the amount of peacock feathers sticking out their ass, style Is so diverse that speed and smoothness Is the only common factor, and that is how the park is judged with the added “how tucked the no hander or clicked the turndown”.

    In conclusion “Hard trick” was the only relatively simple category, yet even that left a few raised eyebrows amongst the judges. I personally would have thought a jam of sorts with the good vibe that was present at Rebel jam would have played into the idea of pumping everyone to push each other, one upping and everyone had ample time to try and pull some crazy shit. It’s 5am and I’m about to board a plane, but When I have attained some free wifi my outward thoughts would have been shared. Congratulations everyone and flatland is hopefully open enough to take the good from this and welcome the carpark mentality that practice makes not so perfect flatland judging systems better.

  11. well said and healthy comments from james and others, i got my personal opinions, but when it come back to seeing all the bike buddies and new faces i think it was worth it, grate riding and the final was a final i havent seen in a while! run after run, it got better and better, from manos to akira to adam to sick links, it got real tight! Domenik left the floor with outstanding performance and you might think, this is it! he asked: how many touches? Markus: 1! then it was on!!!! music started good, up came matthias… knowing what he was up to, and gave it all!!! BBBAAAEEEM there it was, flawless run, full passion, good music. well deserved winning run. (but viki was awesome, alex cool style, manos the magician, akiras passion for expression and originality and so on!!! respect to you all!

    it was a rich competition when it came to style originality mentality etc! but i want to see more risk taking tricks, awesome bangers and let the stunt devil take it all!!!

    Sure was a move in the right direction! see you at the next competition! im out!

  12. my outcome would have been different. but i was not judging hahaha if you scroll down, yes down…. further… a little bit more… more… yes there!

    33rd:P hahaha, but i had fun, new trick in construction!

  13. There’s really not much to add to James’ post. Even though it is to be expected, it kind of angers me that people start hating as soon as the results are out. Every single time I’ve judged all the judges I have worked with have taken their job very seriously. It is not an easy job.
    And about the conspiracy: nobody told the judges at Rebel Jam who is supposed to win, we all made up our own mind. And we were: James Smith, Bram Verhallen, Raphael Chiquet and myself.

  14. It was an super weekend thanks for everything, getting sick of those internet opinions, stop that hating, effraim you say flat wont grow up, but the last few months it lookslike flatmatters wont grow up!

    • @ Erik you missed what I meant there, I was not talking about the contest! I was talking about people posting with fake names etc, nothing at all to do with the rebel jam! chill dude

  15. hey mike do you think we should tell them about the novelty sized cheque’s given to us to fix the results. was it a million or a billion Vans dollars we got?lol

    im stoked that Akira, Alex and Waldemar got some placings. once nailed down the floor seemed alot better than many other contest and great to see manos in the final with that super long sex change style nose manual.

  16. I was going to attend this event but unfortunately I couldn’t, did enjoy the live stream tho but don’t want to comment on the results.

    Just from watching I think that runs are out dated potentially holding flatland back.

    Format’s for future should be based more on a risk for reward system:

    3 tries best trick/combo PULLED gets scored.

    The rider then gambles with staying consistent or pulling out the big guns within this number of tries.

    Simple, progressive, exciting to watch and a lot easier to judge.

    multiple min runs are clearly very hard to judge, as judges have a tremendous amount of factors to consider in that time frame.

    This format would sort the men from the boys ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. “risk for reward system” i really really like, i have to say that crash you had when you snapped your cranks and hit your head made you forget the mad creative shit you use you do lee and now you do the head tubing fucking shit all day.
    lee marry me and Bella can fuck off and we go buy crocodile snake skin boots and buy you a chain and an ugly sym hub again as you seem to not get enough money from your shows to afford either..
    all a joke, but once again, really like the “risk for reward system” idea really would make stuff exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

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