Red Bull Circle of Balance Livefeed!

Live from Kyoto, Japan! Yours truly will be presenting the liveshow, Frank Lucas unfortunately couldn’t make it! Their maybe a few surprise guests as well to the show, you’ve seen the battle order from yesterday, so stay tuned for what promises to be the biggest and best contest of the year! Feel free to tweet me @flatmatters for any shoutouts!

29 thoughts on “Red Bull Circle of Balance Livefeed!

  1. insane! makes you wana go to japan , best comp by far and E on the mic just ruled- i was screaming for them all ( stoked for Dub- 3rd). wish Redbull would bring C.O.B to london

  2. Amazing event!! Viki was on point Hiro killed it too, but the touches in the final battle probably hurt him. Props to all the riders and Red Bull for bringing back a great marquee event for flatland!!

  3. Dude, so much interwebs buzz going on. The Twitter activity during the live feed was so hype. The “I-slept-in-but-will-reTweet-now” feeds coming in now are awesome.

    Props to E for MCing the stream. Props to MC OB for the spittin’ live and cartwheeling. Big congrats to Dub for representing and showing the world how to pivot on the pedal.

  4. I don’t know E from the man in the moon, but believe he could easily have a side gig in broadcasting. Great job. Someone commented months earlier that once Dub mastered his combos he would begin placing, and you were right.

  5. Holycow! That was awesome, that Dom vs Dub battle was the greatest.

    Realy enjoyed this not only because of the riding. Effraim, you and Terry should be commenting more often.

    “Dude, your accent is out of controle right now.”

    “How? How do you get your hub to work like that?”
    “I think he’s got takin a few washer out Terry.”

    “Yeah, you’re enjoying, and I am judging.”

  6. Effraim!!!! I fell asleep and then the live feed started automatically on my computer and it woke me up around 5am JUST IN TIME for the final three battle!!!! What timing!!!!

    It was REALLY enjoyable watching the live feed, made me feel like I was really there! But it would not have been even close to as enjoyable without you and terry commenting!!

    Really I gotta say YOU should be MC’ing every single event E. NOT catfish. Not *anyone* else…but YOU! So much energy and quickness!!! Hahah, okay enough praise, good job 😛

  7. E, re: matthias v Terry battle thats a whopper dude not a hop whip hee hee , respect to Andy Zeuss top man but he says street is the future for flat mmm street is street flat is flat , riding has no rules ride whatever its all freestyle as Ruben says its been done before so its not the future we may as well say flat is the future for vert can’t really see riders doing hitchiker roll ins on vert . Eddie Roman was doing half cabs in 1988 he rode street,flat and vert , so in reality skateboardings future was flatland then as a half cab is a skate move invented by Steve Cabellero his creation a legendary skater , credit where credits due.

  8. Kerry Gatt and George Manos were a dissapointment totally outclassed i mean G Turns and 5 second combo’s don’t cut it in a comp of this magnitude ,Gatt is a shadow of his former self they could of been replaced with better riders like Brandt,Foakes,White,Wilhelm,Frost etc

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