Repo: Round 4 World Circuit – Overground Brazil by Viki Gomez!

I caught up with a jet lagged Viki Gomez when he arrived back home from the long flight home from Brazil, just before he flew out to Japan for the Flatark contest, and asked him to come up with 20 Bullet points about his trip to Brazil for Round 4 of the World Circuit. Viki played a big part in helping this Round of the World Circuit take place in Brazil. So it’s great that Viki translated his words in english and spanish for more riders to read!

Viki placed 2nd at Round 4 of the World Circuit, check out his amazing run right here! Thanks to Lisias Tabarelli for the upload!

Mateus learning new tricks during a photoshoot with Viki, One handed kick flip hitch. Photo by Pedro Amora.

1-Brazilian people are super friendly!
1-La gente en Brasil es muy simpática!
2-Portuguese language is so similar to spanish, so I can understand almost everything!
2-El portugués es muy parecido al castellano, por lo que puedo comprender casi todo!
3-When I met Mateus Beckmann it was as if I knew him already. Internet Magic I guess!
3-Cuando me encontré con Mateus era como si ya le conociese. La magia del internet supongo!
4-Mateus Beckmann only does hard tricks even to warm up. He landed for the first time 1 hand hitchhiker kick flip just for the photo!
4-Mateus Beckmann solo hace trucos difíciles, incluso para calentar – Cayo por primera vez y para la foto 1 hand hitchhiker kick flip!
5-Sao Paulo is a super big city! Traffic is terrible!
5-Sao Paulo es una super ciudad! El trafico es horrible!

Owen Bohn, gliding junkyard on the pedal grabbing the cross bar is no joke! Photo: Koty Flat.

Tsutomu Kitayama! Look at the crazy balance point of this signature move! Photo: willi Flat.

6-MUF organitation of Overground are very professional and put their heart in what they do!
6-MUF Organización de Overground son muy profesionales y ponen todo su empeño y corazón en lo que hacen.
7-Event location was in a city called Itapevi, 40 km from downtown Sao Paulo. Itapevi is a very local city.
7-La localización del evento fue en una ciudad llamada Itapevi, situada a 40 km de distancia de Sao Paulo. Itapevi es una ciudad muy local.
8-The japanese crew were in a shock about Itapevi city. Quiet different from downtown Tokyo I guess.
8-La crew de japoneses estaba en shock en la ciudad de Itapevi. Supongo que era un poco diferente al centro de Tokyo.
9-The latin riders a super kind! They asked for so many photos and autographs. They appreciated the visiting pros competing.
9-Los riders latinos son super simpáticos! Me preguntaron por muchos autógrafos y fotos. Realmente apreciaron nuestra visita.
10-The floor of the event was perfect! It was a bit slippery and it was solved by cleaning the floor with some soda. The japanese cleaned it several times in the área where they rode.
10-El suelo del evento era perfecto! Resbalaba un poco y se soluciono limpiándolo con algo de soda. Los japoneses lo limpiaron varias veces en la zona donde ellos montaban.

Takahiro Ikeda getting some love. Photo: Ederson Ferreira.

Viki was instrumental in helping the Overground event be a part of the World Circuit, great shot of Viki translating during the riders meeting with James McGraw and others. Photo by Ederson Ferreira.

11-The level of the latin riders is amazing! None follows the new trend of McCircle, steam roller and McCircle. It felt like the good old freestyle days where everyone was doing their own business.
11-El nivel de los riders latinos es increíble! Todo el mundo es original y nadie sigue las nuevas modas de steam roller, mccircle y time machines. Me recordó a los buenos viejos tiempos donde cada uno hacia lo suyo.
12-Mateus has so many tricks! He always looks so serious, but it s wrong! He is focus! He landed for the first time 1 hand hitchhiker kick flip just for the photo!
12-Mateus tiene muchos trucos! Siempre parece muy serio, pero esto no es verdad. Siempre esta concentrado! Cayo por primera vez y para la foto 1 hand hitchhiker kick flip.
13-Ucchie made the best run I ever saw him doing in a contest. Well deserved to be World Champion!
13-Ucchie hizo la mejor ronda que jamas le haya visto hacer en un campeonato. Bien merecido el campeonato mundial!
14-In Sao Paulo you party until the sun comes up at 6:00 am.
14-En Sao Paulo sales de fiesta hasta que sale el sol a las 06:00 am.

15-Making this contest in Brazil will change the future of Flatland! Everyone is so motivated!
15-EL haber hecho este campeonato en Brazil cambiara el futuro del Flatland! Todo el mundo esta muy motivado!

Bruni Zebu kills it! Mid half packer pivot to xft hitch, photo by Willi Flat.

16-The trophy is the biggest and heaviest I ever got! Luckily I had a extra bag to pack it right!
16-El trofeo es el mas grande y pesado que jamas he tenido! Por suerte tenia una maleta extra donde lo pude meter!
17-Sometimes I wish people in the first world would be as friendly, thankful and genuine as they are in less advanced countries. Big lesson to learn everytime!
17-A veces me gustaría que la gente del primer mundo fuese tan amable, agradecia y genuina como lo son en países menos avanzados. Siempre es un importante lección que aprender!
18-Next year I will be back to Brazil and the contest will be held in the city center. Most convinient for everybody!
18-El próximo año regresare a Brasil y el campeonato será en el centro de la ciudad. Mas conveniente para todo el mundo!
19- I went to swim at the beach in front of Neymar´s house in Guaruja. Good waves for Surfing!
19-Tuve la oportunidad de nadar en la playa en frente de la casa de Neymar en Guaruja. Buenas olas para surfear!
20-Thank you everyone who made this epic trip and contest possible! GG.M, Red Bull Brazil, G Shock Brazil, Tenga, Freegun, Sony, MUF, ESPN Brazil, Fox Sports,etc! All the international riders from Japan and US! All the latin riders who were several days in a bus to come to the contest! Big respect for that! Let’s make a better contest next year!
20-Gracias a todo el mundo que hizo posible este viaje y campeonato! GG.M, Red Bull Brasil, G Shock Brasil, Tenga, Freegun, Sony, MUF, ESPN Brasil, Fox Sports, etc! Gracias a todos los riders internacionales que vinieron desde Japon, EEUU y sobre todo a los riders latinos que viajaron desde tan lejos, alguno estando mas de 2 dias en un autobús! RESPETO!!! Hagamos entre todos un mejor evento el próximos año!

Riders meeting, photo by Ederson Ferreira.

A pensive Bekko waits for his run, photo by Ederson Ferreira.

Mateus Beckmann, Suicide Bunnyhop, photo by Pedro Amora.

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  1. This was an amazing run. did almost a completely backwheel run and could have still won with an all front wheel run. anyone else notice that Viki did that lungspin in both directions. This run is really a testament to how talented he really is.

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