riders helping haitians….

Chad Johnston at Intrikat sent this in tonight…

Thanks for taking the time to read this:

I’m sure you have heard of the devastation in Haiti. Fellow rider Jose Polanco lives in the Dominican Republic which is a neighboring country and is selling off his old bikes to raise funds for the victims of these crazy earthquakes. I was hoping you guys could help spread the word, thanks a million.

Here is a couple pics of Jose Polanco:

Here’s links to a thread were you can go to see the items he’s selling:

He is also accepting donations through paypal, if you go through the pages on the first link you’ll find pics of the water and underwear he’s already bought and delivered to Haiti.

Here’s his paypal address:  jrpolancoabreu@gmail.com

One thought on “riders helping haitians….

  1. thanks for posting this man,we as neighbors can never be so grateful to be spared by god in a situation like this,



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