2 thoughts on “Rodney Williams is back!

  1. Thanks for the shout out BIG E !! So glad to get back to the sesh / swing of things , could EVEN imagine how you STILL to THIS DAY ………..PROGRESS your riding / hit up MILES on your ROAD bike , AND STILL run South Sea skate park , ANNNNNNNND run the GREATEST bmx flatland site in HISTORY ….FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM !!!! SO BUUMED I WONT get to FINALLY meet you at Voodoo Jam , buuuuuuuuut SUPER stoked youre gonna be involved in the U.K. CHAMPIONSHIPS , representing the U.K. FLAT scene !!! I HOPE one day I will be able to meet / sesh / film / chill / eat / have an IN- DEPTH talk about ALL things flatland , your DEEP bag of front-back wheel moves !! Thanks AGAIN for ALL your contributions on the bike AND beyond with THIS site !!!!!!!!

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