7 thoughts on “Ross Smith – Nose Wheelie

  1. I apologize for how shaky the video gets in the latter stages…I had an issue with my tripod, and the farther I panned to the left, the more it loosened up and made it go all over the place. I wish it could have turned out better, but I’m still happy to have witnessed this and gotten the video.

    There will be more new Ross Smith footage on the upcoming NoMoPro Jam 2013 edit…stay tuned!

  2. I was expecting to see him make a right and go out of the parking lot. LOL. Or alternately, combo into something. Always good to see him ride. Thanks for posting this up.

  3. So is this a contender for the longest ever? I think that should have two categories; 1-distance covered, and 2-time holding the position. Since someone going faster could cover more distance but not hold the trick for as long and vice versa. The nice thing about the time criterion is that it is easy for anyone to accurately measure on the video timecode.

  4. Brandon, it’s funny to hear you bring that up…Ross mentioned that very point when we were telling him it was the best one we had ever seen. I think he wins either way from any footage I’ve watched.

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