Sam Foakes Zion "Focus" Signature Frame!

The word from Mislav.

What to say when pictures say it all. Frame is so clean and simple and colors Sam chose are just beautiful. You see the big influence that Luna and LowKee frames had in making Focus.
Sam used all details that he loved about those 2 frames and combined them with the shape of frame that he had in mind. Now that prototypes are done, we finished the first part of this project and we’re starting with the second stage, Sam’s hardcore abuse of the frame.
We want to make sure that we got all the design details right and strong and durable as we wanted it. There is no other way to see that but to ride it. All of you know Sam got some mad skills and will really put it to a test.
We made these prototypes in 3 different tube thickness versions so there will be 3 different weights of it. Sam really uses the weight of the frame (bike) in his tricks so he will test different frame weights to see which one suits him best.
Here are some specs of this frame :
TT length : 19.22″
CS length : 12.75″
HT angle : 74.5 degrees
ST angle : 70 degrees
14mm laser cut droupouts
Spanish BB
Integrated headset

I told you that there were 3 weights to it:
– heaviest one is 2070 g ( 4.56 lbs )
– middle one is 1935 g (4.27 lbs)
– and we made the 3rd one in lightweight version just to see how it would turn out. This one is 1790 g ( 3.95 lbs )

– Other news are that Sam recently moved from his home town Cambridge to Manchester cause he got a great new job there and the best thing about this is that he found a great indoor place where he can ride. All of are familiar with English weather so you know what indoor place will mean to him, even though he is known for riding all his trick in heavy rain, hehe.

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