Short Ciaran Perry vid

We are working on a interview with Ciaran that’ll be up shortly, for now check this video he filmed Jan 1st on a frosty winters day in Taunton, awesome!

flatland january the 1st 2009 from ciaran perry on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Short Ciaran Perry vid

  1. is that even scuffing hes even doing lee? like stomping on the tyre diffrent than regular scuffing, its a new technique, whatever it is would agree Ciaran is refreshingly creative and underground, look for the interview real soon!!!

  2. stomping? scuffing? its moving ur tyre with ur foot, i love slow smooth controlled riding, and ciran is so far ahead with his walkaround stylez

  3. do i sense a new favourite rider lee? shintaro will be pissed 🙂

    ciarans slow riding style is a pleasure to watch for sure, i look at that one footed bar flip stuff as something entirely new in the technique, if he scuffed in the traditional way that wouldnt work, hes quick to tyre, wheel barely moves, great technique, i have a feeling hes not even done yet with that trick

  4. if anyone deserves props its this guy incredible talent.Scuffing ain’t old i am ha ha ridings what you want it to be its individual which sets us apart from each other.

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